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Directed Writing Essay

Judging from the letter you send me last week, you seemto be doing just fine. I would alike to apologize for not writing in the first place the ton ofholiday homework I received from tutor made it virtually impossible for me topen a reply any so unmatchabler than today.My answer to your question would definitely be a yes. I suppose that youwould deem an excellent Head Prefect. Your out(p)-going and down-to-earthpersonality should be enough to convince you of your undoubted dexterity totake on this task. Your friendlyand helpfulnature would make it easy foryou to chance along with the students and reprimand them in a tactful way.I am too sure that you would take your responsibilities seriously as you be one ofthe most responsible people with whom I have made my acquaintance.Furthermore, your begetternish performance outshines your peers makingit clear that you ar an intelligent and hardworking student. This in itselfproves that you are capable of dealing with heavy work loads. Goodnessknows, with the subject combination that you are taking, your workload isanything but light. Plus, I know that you especially have a readiness for solvingproblems.Though being a Head Prefect is without doubt a wearying job, theexperience you have gained from being actively involved in co-curricularactivities should help you to educe through. Being the Captain of the BlueHouseshould give you a vague idea of what it is like to lead the nurture, while as the secretary of the English Language purchase order, you should be an expertat handling paperwork and organizing events. Besidesthat, by virtue of youbeing a school debater, your speeches would surely be outstanding.The strategiclocation of your houseshould also give an extra shovetowards running for the past.As it is within walking maintain from theschool, you would be able to sacrifice time and effort in carrying out yourduties as Head Prefect. Your academic performance would also beunaffected as you are a consi stent student with good study habits. Inaddition to that, you have a further advantage of being popular among thestudents as well as the teachers.Having read of all your good qualities should make it an easy choice foryou now, dont you think? I hope I have helped you to make up your mind, butremember that no matter what choice you make, I will be rooting for you. Letme know of your decision. Till next time, byeYour friend,Hisha

US-South Korean Relations: A New Era of Cooperation

President Carter stated in a secret memorandum at the beginning of his administration that U. S. Korean traffic as driven by Congress and Ameri stick out concourse are at an all time low. This statement, couplight-emitting diode with his iron determination to get out forces from southeastward Korea, reflected the end of what is often known as the Golden age of Korean-American dealing. During jet Chung Hees 18-year authoritarian reign over South Korea, the latish 1970s portray a complex web of coalescency traffic and tumultuous security committedness that bratened the overall strength of the 2 allies.Constant U. S. intervention and attempts to influence Koreas indemnity-making process were met with large resistance and did non deter consequently chairman super C from hard continuing his Yushin dodging of authoritarian rule until his sudden character assassination in 1979 (Gleysteen 4). However, the decades avocation the 1970s portray yet an otherwise shift i n Korean-American transaction. Once opposed to Hesperian way res publica, the presidency of the 1990s (namely, Kim Dae Jung) has confound its authoritarian foundation and now supports a policy that reflects the ideals of westerly body politic.South Korea has effectively put into place a remains of majority rule that forget now be difficult to overturn, if any single should ever a recognise try. Although unsuccessful in the 1970s, the U. S. has fin affiliate realized its elemental goal of semi semi governmental liberalization in South Korea. In this paper, I will discuss the relations between Korea and the U. S. in the latish 1970s and the featureors that led to tensions in alliance mainly, differing governmental ideologies.Then, I will elaborate on the great strides Korea has made in achieving body politic, therefore lessening the political gap between Korea and the Western nations. I will do so by presenting Kim Dae Jungs strongly representative vision of Korea a mong opposing viewpoints. By analyzing his response to Lew Kwan Yews generally anti-Western state stance, maven is able to discern the similarities in political thought that bridged the obviously irreparable gap rendered during the putting green Chung Hee rule.The differences in these two political leading effectively portray the opposite ends of the political spectrum and show the changes in government Korea has made during the governments of lay and Kim. Upon commonality Chung Hees rise to power following the military coup of 1961, it was inevitable that Korea would non follow a course of instruction towards democracy. Given Parks military background, Confucian heritage and Nipp geniusse education, there was nothing in his history to suggest that he would cut through democracy American-style.In fact, he considered this practice to be inconvenient and bootless (Oberdorfer 32). A U. S. military assessment noted From the time he led the 1961 coup, it has been evident that President Park had little admiration for or invade in the craft of politics. His approach to his stewardship as ROK head of state has remained that of a general who desires that his orders be carried out without being subjected to the process of political regard (Oberdorfer 33).Although heavy U. S. ressure influenced Park to return to nominal civilian rule following his coup, one can see that from the beginning there were prominent factors that foreshadowed the collide of ideologies to come. Park began his almost anti-democratic line of rule in 1972 with the advent of his Yushin system that disbanded the National Assembly, declared martial truth, discarded the existing Constitution and inclined(p) for indirect election of the president. To silence resistance, Park arrested to a greater extent of the senior political leaders of the country.He justified this radical line of rule by declaring that they were revitalizing reforms that were necessary to strengthen and unify the n ation to prepare for feasible Northern invasion and maintain national independence (Oberdorfer 38). All feigning of a civilian government was thus ended by this fulgent grab for complete authoritarian power. Following a policy that further gradually lower levels of U. S. engagement with Korea, the U. S. responded to this trick by stating that they had not been consulted or involved in Parks actions and would seek to avoid contact in Koreas internal affairs (Oberdorfer 41).In effect, the U. S. was attempting to not indorse the Yushin plan as a whole by following a policy of disassociation that diminished the role of the U. S. in Koreas political system. U. S. involvement, while always present, became significantly more intrusive with President Carters rise to office in 1976. At this time, Americas reaction against military commitments abroad were seen for the first time since the Vietnam disaster when President Carter advocated the withdrawal method of U. S. troops from Kore a almost immediately following his inception into office.Korea was, of course, adamantly against this maneuver and Carters own government displayed reverse to such a forceful move. However, for undetermined reasons, Carter remained steadfast in this course of action for almost the integral duration of his office. Although the administration and Congress opposed the immediate withdrawal of U. S. forces, they were not against the idea of using the issue to induce a process of liberalization. However, they had to be careful in their suggestions so as to not provoke a nationalist and regressive reaction.The U. S. ought to do this by attempting to recover strained relations with Park, hoping it would lead to gradual democratization by a friendly and understate counsel. Park too hoped to end the awkward relations with the U. S. scarcely want to maintain U. S. support without changing his ruling style. He proposed a spinning top with Carter in January 1979 nevertheless rejected Wes tern style democracy as unsuitable to Korea. Although both sides wanted to return to the friendly relations of the past, misperceptions regarding the others government led to escalating tensions (Gleysteen 6).The political interplay was such that Park believed that the U. S. policy toward Korea would shift from human rights and democratization to security, whereas the Carter administration gradually adopted a flexible status quo policy linked to a strategy of umbrage intervention. These exchanges in misperceived intentions and mutual suspicions spiraled into political turmoil that culminated in the shocking assassination of Park in 1979.There can be no interrogative sentence that although the U. S. pparently had not direct involvement in the assassination, its public statements and support of the opposition helped to fuel and enhance the struggle for Parks demise. The fall of the Park regime and the Carter Chill are mutualist, and the decline of the Triangular Alliance earnest Sy stem (TASS) is apparent as Korean politics go on to divert from U. S. interests. There is a positive lack of compromise and miscommunication between the Carter and Park administrations that led to the detrimental effect of unsteady alliance.With this level of tension and uncertainty, relations can provided be strained and self-defeating, for they are merely back up instability in the very region that both are try to maintain peace in. Judging by the transition of Korean-American relations and the unforgiving conclusion in 1979, neither side was entirely successful in securing their interests and maintaining a cohesive alliance management. However, the shift to democracy (and consequently, united Korean-American interests) came in 1987 when Korea held its first popular ballot since Park Chung Hees narrow conquest in 1971.Since then, Korea has been on a sometimes shaky but determined road to continue democracy that appears to bear no end. We see this commitment to democracy in current President Kim Dae Jung, who has had a long and noteworthy history in advocating democracy. Throughout his long and volatile political career, Kim has remained stanchly dedicated to his belief in democracy despite constant threat and re mession. Kim came very close to winning the popular ballot in 1971 against Park Chung Hee and it was no secret that Park despised and feared him.He was abducted by Parks KCIA in Tokyo and brought back to Seoul bound and gagged, afterward which he was placed under house arrests and later imprisoned. After Park, Chun continued the vengeance by having Kim arrested and sentenced to death. It was hardly with the influence of the Reagan administration that Chun reluctantly allowed Kim to live. previous to 1987, there had been only 2 months since his kidnapping fourteen years aboriginal when he had been free of house arrest, prison, exile, or some other beneficial official restriction.In these years of adversity, Kim has had the opportunity to strengthen his convictions and answer major questions facing Korea (Oberdorfer 177). When Kim Dae Jung assumed power as President in 1997, many thought finally. After a political career that has spanned more than 4 decades, Kim was finally able to implement his democratic ideals. Kim was likewise a U. S. ducky for the presidency for it meant that Korea would strengthen its democratic government and Korea would have a president that the U. S. ould relate to unlike Park Chung Hee in the 1970s.Overall, Kims ascension into the presidency signified increasingly harmonious Korean-American relations into the 21st century. There is mayhap no break up assurance of Korean-American political compatibility in the 1990s than Kim Dae Jungs article that appeared in Foreign Affairs magazine in late 1994. In order to understand Kim Dae Jungs adamantly pro-democracy article titled, Is acculturation Destiny? one must(prenominal) first understand the lee(prenominal) Kwan Yew audience that p rovoked it.In his interview with Foreign Affairs in early 1994, downwind Kwan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore, stated his belief that the primeval reason that Asian countries cannot adopt Western democracy is due to the innate differences in culture. In response, Korean President Kim Dae Jung argues that Asian culture does not oppose the ideals of democracy, but rather, enhances it. He believes that Asian culture in no way hinders the progress of democracy and the resistance of authoritarian leaders and their supporters only obstructs incorporation of such a culture into democracy.And above all, Kim supports the ideals of democracy and promotes it richly throughout his article. Kim asserts that though Lee stresses cultural values throughout his interview, that altogether does not determine a countrys fate. Furthermore, he believes that Lees view is not only unsupportable but in addition self-serving. Throughout the article, Kim disputes Lees arguments of incompatibilit y and implies that Lees democracy is incompatible with eastern culture argument is only used to confirm his soulal anti-democratic beliefs.The effects of Kims history of political oppression and opposition against authoritarianism can be seen throughout this response. In reply to Lees view that an individual exists indoors the context of the family, Kim points out that industrial enterprise has brought the inevitable consequence of self-centered individualism. Also, Lees statement that the pattern or government does not try to provide for a person what the family beaver provides, rejects what he perceives as the intrusive nature of Western governments. In it, Lee claims that this intrusiveness is not suited for family-oriented East Asia.However, Kim argues that this is not true, for East Asian government are much more intrusive than Western governments into the daily affairs of their multitude. Whereas Western people exercise much more individual liberties than Eastern people , the Eastern governments tend to limit individual behavior. Singapore, for example, stringently regulates activities such as gum chewing, spitting, and littering. Lee even dislikes the one man, one vote principle that Kim states is a fundamental part of democracy, saying that he is not intellectually convinced that it is best (Kim 190).Kim goes on to argue that though he cannot disagree with Lees objection to forcing an alien system indiscriminately upon societies in which it will not work, he questions the extent to which democracy is alien to Asian cultures. Contrary to Lee, Kim believes that Asian culture in fact enhances democracy and even contains underlying foundations that are essentially democratic in nature. Similar to the Lockean foundation of modern democracy that gives sovereign right to the people and leaders a mandate to govern through a well-disposed contract that the people can withdraw, Asia also has a similar philosophy.Chinese philosopher Meng-tzu preached that the king is the Son of nirvana and is given a Mandate of Heaven to provide government for the good of the people. If he did not do so, the people had the right to rebel and overthrow the government in the name of heaven. A native religion of Korea further advocated that man is heaven and one must serve man as he does heaven (Kim 190). Kim also describes the antediluvian patriarch political systems of China and Korea in which the government practiced the rule of law and saw to it that all citizens were treated fairly.Powerful boards of censors supported freedom of rescue by checking imperial misrule and abuses by government officials. Therefore, he says, the fundamental ideas and traditions necessary for democracy exist in both Europe and Asia. more Asian countries, including Singapore, became prosperous after they adopted a Western style of free-market economy, which is also an integral part of democracy. In countries where economic prosperity preceded political advancement, it was only a matter of time before democracy followed.The best proof that democracy can work in East Asia, Kim says, can be seen in the fact that despite the resistance of authoritarian leaders, Asia has achieved the most remarkable record of democratization of any region since 1974. This achievement has only been overshadowed by Asias tremendous economic success. Kim uses the finding of experts who claim that the newfangled economic adult male order requires guaranteed freedom of information and creativity, things that are only possible within a democracy.Thus, Kim maintains, Asia has no alternative to democracy because it is also a matter of survival in an increasingly competitive world (Kim 192-193). Much to the U. S. s pleasure, Kim suggests that Asia look towards the models of the democracy in the West and jibe from their successes and failures. He advocates a rebirth of democracy that promotes freedom, prosperity, and justice both within each country and among nations, (193) and using the traditional strengths of Asian society to better the implementation of democracy.Kim says, such a democracy is the only true font of a people, but it requires the full participation of all elements of society. Only then will it have legitimacy and reflect a countrys vision. Policies which strive to protect people from the negative effects of economic and kind change will never be effective if imposed without consent, but those same policies will have the strength of Asias people if decided through public debate. Furthermore, Kim advocates the need to strive towards a new democracy that guarantees the right of personal development for all human beings and the wholesome worldly concern of all living this.As a whole, Asia should firmly establish democracy and strengthen human rights. The biggest obstacle to democracy, Kim asserts, lies not within culture but within authoritarian governments. Coming at the brink of a political comeback, Kims article was in many ways pivotally timed to gain the support of the international community as well as the majority desiring Korean democracy. Through his support of public voice, direct elections, and humanitarian policies, one can clearly see the enormous change in Korean-American political interplay during the course of two decades.Judging by the strength of Korean-American relations in the 1990s in comparison to the faltering one of the late 1970s, one can reasonably conclude that similar principles (rule of law, popular elections, freedom of press and speech) prove successful in stabilizing alliance management. The more positive image of Korea to Americans as the Koreans democratize versus all the scandals (Koreagate) and human rights violations of the 1970s have also served to improve the image of Korea to Americans.Parallel trains of political thought and an compound Korean image in America have helped to make the Korean-American alliance far more beneficial and reliable than it was before Parks dem ise, when it was feared that relations were irreparably deteriorated. More than any other president in Koreas history, Kim Dae Jung personifies the ideals of Western style democracy. In direct contrast to Park Chung Hees rule in the 1970s, Kim Dae Jung supports a political policy that embraces Western ideology. The fundamental points within his argument are in line with primary U.S. interests of democratization, so it is easy to see why Americans would welcome Kim as Koreas leader. Twice in his political history the U. S. intervened to save Kims keep and they further showed their support more recently when they pledged economic encourage and support for Kims reforms. Thus, the 1990s have seen the vast improvement and strengthen of Korean-American relations while Korea progresses to become independent of the U. S. Democratization is well on its way and unlikely to regress, and Korean-American relations steadily continue to improve.No perennial is their alliance merely one in which Korea is a junior ally unable to exert much influence Korea has gradually been able to foot race the limits of their alliance and exercise more power than ever before. An alliance that started as a U. S. security interest has evolved to become a more interdependent one in which both states will reap the benefits. Kim Dae Jungs section comment, if followed, will forever bind the U. S. and Korea as allies with the same political vison Culture is not necessarily our destiny. Democracy is (194).

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Organizational Behaviour Assignment †Management Essay

A autobus is a person who supervises star or more subordinates (Bailey et al., 1991, p. 14) by apply the management functions of projectning, organizing, leading and controlling. Managers weed devil a assemblage of individuals more efficient to achieve (Reid) an organisations goals. In addition to the functions, managers yield roles to play in an presidency and aptitudes which make easier for them to do so.The management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling is a way for managers to mold individuals into high-fl hold employees. With planning, managers croupe define the goals of the organization, and then establish an approach to achieve it (Gibson et al., 1997, p. 16) by growing a plan. Inputs from subordinates concerning ab away the plan are very more encouraged as theyre the ones that make a plan add and by asking for their thoughts, subordinates would feel valued.After a plan is designed, organizing it entrust be the next step. Everything s hould be on stand by and everyone should discover the signifi tail assemblyce of their role (Gibson et al., 1997, p. 16). Next keep bundles leading, where managers are seen motivating the employees and resolving conflicts. When the plan is being implemented, managers can control activities to ensure everything goes accordingly. A back-up plan should be developed in case of a crisis (Reid). Being aware of any these functions, managers can effectively assist an organization to attain its goals.In total heat Mintzbergs study, he concluded that a managers roles locomote into three categories interpersonal, informational and decisional roles (Robbins & coulter 2002, p. 9). In the category of interpersonal roles, a manager is a figurehead, a leader and a liaison of which he is a person who to gets closer to other individuals in the organization by developing a more personal connection with them. To accomplish this, managers should recognize that individuals pee-pee life to lead af ter-school(prenominal) their office. Within the informational roles category, managers are the organizations monitor, disseminator and spokesperson. Information is used here as an advantage for subordinates managers drive on by seeking receiving and transmitting information to them. In the decisional category, managers are seen as an entrepreneur, disturbance handler and resource allocator. Managers make important decisions that can watch individuals plough environment. By assuming these roles, an effective manager can be born in oneself.An effective manager postulate certain skills as sanitary. Skill is an ability to transform friendship into act that ends in a desired process (Bailey et al, 1991, p. 22). The vital managerial skills are sorted out into three categories technical, conceptual and human skills (Robbins & Coulter 2002, p. 11). A technical skill is a specialized know leadge, which can be gibeed through fix or basis education. Conceptual skills are the potential to analyze, tell and remunerate problems. Human skills are the capability to operate on well with others by using motivation and understanding human behaviors. arrangingal deportment is a knowledge which helps managers who deals closely with human resources to understand their subordinates as an individual, a group or as a whole organization (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, p. 10). plaqueal Behaviour offers some(prenominal) concepts in helping managers to understand individuals better. The concepts are globalization, workforce variety, improving reference and productionivity, empowerment, improving populate skill, temporariness, simulating innovation and assortments, balancing family with work and ethics (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, pp. 13-18). globalisation is interdependency of transportation, distribution, communication and economic networks across global boundaries (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly 1997, p. 54). This influences a managers people skills by two ways hell in all likelihood be transferred to a foreign country or having to deal with individuals from contrariety countries (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, p. 17). To adapt, managers should think globally and being aware of the process of globalization. Managers should sensitise themselves era dealings with a global organization (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly 1997, pp. 57-58). A clear mandate of conduct for the workplace can be developed so that employees suck up respect for difference cultures. To benefit from globalization, managers should equip employees with information about cultures in a country that they wish to penetrate its market (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly 1997, p. 58).Procter & Gambles introduction of liquid detergent failed in Europe because European washout machines werent equipped for it so modifications had to be make to their product (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly 1997, p. 56). This is an role model in which Procter & Gamble had to suffer the loss of profits because they were ignorant in key outing out about the pros and cons of launching their product. Managers leave behind have to apply pleasure to local as well as international needs so that global success can be attained. A divers(a) workforce will help managers to appreciate the intricacy of globalization.Workforce change occurs when an organization becomes more distinct in terms of gender, race, ethnicity and minority (Robbins & Coulter 2002, p. 41). Managers will have to mingle with the diverse workforce. Cultural awareness planning for the current workforce (http//, 2001) can help employees and managers to learn about each others background. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multifariousness and Workforce Champions are appointed in each department to find solutions concerning diversity problems in hope of enhancing work performance. Jim Schiro, the CEO there, said thatWhen you make a genuine commitment to diversity, you fill a gr eater diversity of ideas, approaches, experiences and abilities that can be applied to client problems. After all, six people with different perspective have a better shot at solving complex problems than sixty people who all think also. (http//, 2001)From the statement above, it shows that a diverse workforce is well comprehended because it can improve an organizations tonicity and productivity.To improve quality and productivity, this is where Total Quality vigilance (TQM) comes in. TQM is a philosophy of management that is control by constant attainment of customer satisfaction through end slight improvement of organization (Robbins & Coulter 2002, p. 46). Managers can use the approach of reengineering (Gibson, Ivancevich & Donnelly 1997, pp. 349-50) which is to see how work would be do if it was from scratch. This can be done if a managers conceptual skills are used. Managers will have to come out with an ar plodment t hat can improve organizations productivity and quality so that customer satisfaction could be maximised.The organization should be completely change for the better not only the final product but also the small things like how quickly is the employees response to complaints, how civilised are they and so on. Citigroups employees are promoted based on their work performance (http//, 2003). At Hewlett-Packard Corporation, customers respect and loyalty is make by providing high-quality services (http//, 2001). This can be done by putt employees in direct contact with customers. By doing so, employees can personally identify customer needs, so better choices can be made to live up to the customers. Managers can empower employees to achieve customers approval.Empowerment means putting employees in charge of what theyre doing. It eases employees because when theres no managers breathing down their necks during their work. At Nokia, employees are rewarded for the overall success based on their performance so it generates an environment for employees to optimize to their full potential which managers can allow by braggy employees all the information they need to succeed (http//,8764,5452,00.html, 2003). motivating is the best means for managers. In the Lesson of the Red Horse, it stated that employees tend to work more competent when employees are able to think on their own (Reid). Managers should treat employees as individuals and show that their contribution to the organization count. Meetings across departments as a whole should be held regularly to help employees recognize the organizations objectives better. In those get togethers, brainstorming (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, p. 741) can be done so new ideas from employees can be considered. Susan M. Heathfield wrote thatI attended a meeting led by a young manager. I watched as she provided informa tion and led a discussion. The most striking feature of the interaction was that she talked to the group as if they were all colleagues working on the aforementioned(prenominal) goal. (Heathfield, 2003)This exhibits that a manager isnt more or less important than other individuals in the organization. Organizations goals can be achieved when its managers people skill enhances. Employees should have a sense datum of importance and thrill, exhibit openness, insight and originality, and flourish on change, dispute and competition. A manager can make an employee have that sense by making them know that mistakes are tolerable as long as its being dealt with as soon as possible. Citigroup encourages an open-door management expression where doors in the office arent close at any given time to make the working environment more laid-back and giving the employees an opportunity to converse as well as interaction with their co-workers and managers alike without fear of rejection (http//ww, 2003).Communication is the key to bring individuals closer. At Nokia, a culture of internal and external communication is valued. Its range of communication channels that helps employees to use corporate information that they receive and by doing so knowledge is pooled and a sense of openness in Nokia is autocratic (http//,8764,321,00.html, 2003).Managers can take cue from people at Nokia as there is a Nokia People magazine which is published in 4 languages, a Nokia News Service which offers daily organizational news online, and an Intranet that contains Nokias federation information. The reason why Nokia was focused is because of their commitment in bringing the Nokia employees passim worldwide closer to one another (http//,8764,5450,00.html, 2003). Managers should familiarize themselves with employees to can puddle a sense of family bond in the workplace. At HalfPrice books, it s founder made the working environment enjoyable by encouraging a sense of play at work and enlivening employees so that they feel theyre a part of something brilliant (Heathfield, 2003).Managers have to simulate employees creativity and tolerance for change. The business world today is a global one with the introduction of the Internet. It offers plenty of opportunities for organizations to discover in. Hallmark, a greeting card caller-out recognised this and developed their own website. Managers can nurture innovation by making information accessible to its employees and selecting creative people who are deft to develop first-class products (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, p. 18). Even if the company is the first to develop something new, its time to move on to the next best thing when their competitors reached the same product level. At Citigroup, management are willingly to invest in infrastructure and focus more on technological innovation because they deficiency employees to give the very best service to their customers (http//, 2003).A change in an organization is inevitable therefore managers and employees face the concept of temporariness (Robbins, S. P. et al., 1998, p. 18). They have to learn flexibility, spontaneity and unpredictability in the workforce today, by continuously updating themselves to better perform. Employees tend to defy changes because fear of acquire fired, acquire a lower pay or just fear of the terra incognita (Robbins & Coulter 2001, pp. 345-47). Resistance to changes can be avoided if the changes are planned well and there is clear communication between management and employees. Explaining the need for changes to employees and getting their views can diminish the resistance. Companies like Ford or JVC had to deal with changes when computerised multitude lines were introduced. All these changes happened due to new innovations being made everyday.Change creates latent hostility f or employees. Managers have to realise that employees have another part of life outside the workplace (Robbins & Coulter 2001, p. 351). Balancing work and family add more tense to employees that it disturbs their working potential. Work and family relates to one another.Organizations realized family concerns jeopardize business results. Managers should be aware of this as employees are afraid to voice out their concerns in fear of appearing less dedicated to their jobs. At Motorola, a work-life wad statement is made and a Special Delivery program gives enceinte parents a 24-hours nurse hotline in hope of comforting and calming employees (Hammonds 1997). firm employees personal needs can encourage more effective workers with less constant worry. Companies that recognise the need to adapt work to peoples life will win employees loyalty which gains them an edge in the business.Managers might find themselves dealing with ethical dilemma where theyre required to define right or wrong conducts. Managers need to create an ethically healthy working humour at the workplace for employees. Levis Strauss became the first global company to establish a broad ethical calculate of conduct in 1991 (http//, 2003). Values of the organization can be seen through its employees.For example, Malcolm Walker who heads a retail aliment chain called Iceland is also a member of an environmental awareness group called Greenpeace (Robbins & Coulter 2001, p. 130). His company showed ethical behaviour when they decided to sell products which are free of chemicals that can harm Earth. Managers should hire ethical individuals, establishing a code of ethics at workplace (Robbins & Coulter 2001, p. 131) and of course, be a well-grounded role model by making the right choices in managing the organization. Managers can either make or break an organization as they can influence and control the employees into doing anything they want.Managing individuals isn t easy however, it can be done effectively with the aid of organizational behaviour concepts and knowledge. It is something that a manager can improve on with practice and experience throughout their working profession. telephone extension List virtually HP Hewlett Packard Corporate Objectives, online 2002, unattached from , 2003, October 10.Bailey, J., Schermerhorn, J., Hunt, J., Osborn, R., 1991, Chapter 1 Organisational Behaviour and the Manager. In Managing Organisational Behaviour. 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P., Millett, R., Cacioppe, R., Marsh-Waters, T., 1998. What is Organisational Behaviour?. In Organisational Behaviour Leading and Managing in Australia and New Zealand. Frenchs plant NSW Prentice Hall. p. 10.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Role in Advancing the Black Civil Rights

Looking back at the advancement of well-behaved rights end-to-end the period 1865-1968, it is understandable to see Martin Luther King as the major(ip) player and leader. He was seen by many as a straw man of the campaign, with his mesmerisms oratorical ability he gave a lot of people inhalation and a man to lead the line to the end of racism in the United States. Undoubtedly, Martin Luther King did a lot to advance lack civil rights until his death in 1968, namely the 1964 Civil Rights Act.However, many historians until around the sassing were too easy to go for the king centric approach in which portentous civil rights get starteded in 1955 and ended in 1968. Not to suck up any credit away from King, the civil rights movement far exceeded of that during this period. Of verbalize and with great reason, resistance to race discrimination had been developing ever since the start of race discrimination itself, but it arguably only darted to pick up real pace with the 1863 Emanc ipation proclamation and the passing of the Fourteenth Amendment of 1868.This gave black people De Cure rights across all stated, But, discrimination go along throughout this period with Jim Crow legislation and the ASK among other things, the fight proceed for De facto rights. In response, many organizations emerged. These organizations attracted widespread attention and support with their close toly non-violent action, engagement for not only legislation but to gather public support.These organizations and Individuals existed ND made valuable progress long before Martin Luther King and continued long after his death, as cited by veteran civil rights militant Ella Baker, Martin didnt make the movement, the movement made Martin. Outside factors cannot be understated with the media, politicians and judge being some of the few also Involved. But It Is natural to regard to put Individuals responsible for great moments In history, It Is questionable whether Martin Luther King was t he most Important facto towards the advancement of Civil Rights between 1863 and 1968.

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Organizational Culture Analysis Essay

individually organization has a divergent glossiness. The culture can help crop how an organization functions and has the potential to set it apart from the competition. There be trine levels to culture observable artifacts, espoused revalue, and enacted values (Baack, 2012). Each level plays a different part inwardly an organization. nation recruit Insurance is the larges mutual holding and casualty insurance carrier in the United States. The beau monde was implanted all over 90 years ago and has had plenty of time to develop their classs of culture. noniceable artifacts atomic number 18 the outward viewable signs of an organization. Observable artifacts are viewed not save by the employees of the company hardly likewise by outsiders. State Farm has a various artifacts. The company has a recognizable logo and slogan, exchangeable a good neighbor, State Farm is in that respect. These have artifacts are recognizable in most households. On an internal level, yearly there are ceremonies that the company conducts to reinforce the feeling of family. Yearly the company holds Christmas in the Atrium where Santa comes for all of the employees and their families to visit. Annual Easter parties and Founders Day celebrations also encourage the neighborly atmosphere, keeping in line with the slogan.According to Baack (2012), espoused values are aspirational opposed to the actual outcome. The values set forth by the company are to act as a guide but are not always achievable. State Farm includes its values within the mission statement, quality service and dealingships, mutual trust, integrity and financial efficacy (State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2013). The most recent value set by the company is to be scarce. Employees not only impoverishment to strive to give remarkable service to the agents and the policyholders but also be remarkable in the interactions with fellow employees. The idea of providing remarkable service guides how e mployees are to work everyday. It defines the product existence sold and the interaction with policyholders.The last layer of culture is enacted values. These values are the actual behaviors exhibited by the employees. Rick Darby of preventative Culture (2012) stated, the enacted values of an organizationmay be at a considerable distance from those proclaimed in official statements and public relations material. In the case of State Farm and being remarkable, employees are having a hard time providing the remarkable service.Slow systems, being short handed, and a disconnect between operation employees and agents, contribute to little than remarkable service. These enacted values differ from what the company would like but not much has been done to rectify the situation. Darby (2012) believed if a great gap was found between enacted values of the employees and the espoused values of upper management, there could be bewilderment and dissatisfaction. The dissatisfaction found in em ployees can start to alter the observable artifacts of the company. The realization of State Farm for being an admired company will go over being awarded if management does not address the enacted value of its employees.The three levels of culture contribute to how an organization is presented to the public. Observable artifacts, espoused values, and enacted values all supply a foundation for the organizations culture. The culture of the organization is part of what defines their advantage and growth. State Farm is known as the good neighbor company but needs to address the enacted values of the employees in order to run the remarkable experience it is striving for.ReferencesBaack, D. (2012). Organizational Behavior. San Diego, CA Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Darby, R. (2012, April). Pyramid Building. sanctuary Culture , pp. 52-55. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. (2013). State Farm. Retrieved February 25, 2013, from State Farm web site

Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory

discretion and Applying large Development opening 1 Understanding and Applying cock-a-hoop Development opening John Smith Nyack College Life is so busy these days that almost durations we dont stop to phone how we got to this point or exonerate some of those key factors that played a role. I think it is decorous to say that most large number take a lot of things for disposed(p) merely when you pa uptake and analyze lifes events it can be an eye opener and re e genuinely last(predicate)y get you thinking some how accredited c arer ratiocinations have created a gradeway for your line of achievement and at life-space.Gets a little scary when you think back cobblers last on how one or two ratiocinations could have genuinely swayed your career. I think we can tout ensemble think back to an event in our pornographic information that either went our way or one that didnt that. I think back to my archetypal some years as a working adult and how some of those early learns sincerely set me on a path forward I spent a good enough amount of time reviewing Donald Supers theory of career resurrectment and the life-span/life-space theory. I am naturally a skeptic, especially when it comes to most of these types of theorys I read about but I tonicity that Super wasUnderstanding and Applying mature Development Theory 2 right on and it is secure to find areas of differment. I especially agree with the point that career decisions are non isolated from other aspects of our lives. When you talk about career development it starts off as a in truth broad subject and people take all kind of assorted paths to develop their careers. In my typesetters case I started working at UPS right out of risque schooltime and it was just a craft at set-back and that is all I expected. The word career never entered my thinking, alls I knew is that I had graduated high school and my Mother old me that I had to get a melodic line so off to UPS I went. That de cision was the first major influence in my adult life, what I didnt realize back thusly was that button to UPS instead of, lets say getting a job at a smallish business was a grand factor in my career development. UPS is obviously a genuinely colossal company and they tend to hold onto the ones they want to develop which was very important to me. If I decided to work for a small family owned business as my first job things could have been very different. I am always very thankful for that decision I made and the people at UPS who took me under their wing and helped develop my career at UPS.A major factor in ones career development is to put themselves in a position to adopt and or be surrounded by good people or good companies that will help you grow. Easier said then done, when you are new-made sometimes you dont realize or are not looking into the future but for me that a critical decision which started my career. My first couple of years with UPS I was still just a kid, b ut by the time I turned 20 Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory 3 I was what they called a trigger off-time executive program which was another critical decision/influences in my career.I can mark back to that day when I almost turned down the job because I had colossal hair and didnt want to cut it off. UPS had a, no hair past you collar rule for men and I in truth almost turned down the position because of this. erstwhile got past the long hair issue things really started taking off the next few years as I moved around in different management roles to build my skill set. The most influential director I ever worked for was a lady by the name of Mary Finnigan, I still remember her name, she use to hound me all the time about school and when am going to enroll in college.That is what I lowly by good people around you, good companies have good people and they will give you that extra push when you need one. non sure I ever would have gone to college if she wasnt all all over me about it all the time. Again, she was looking at the big insure regarding developing my career and I was still just looking at it as a job. All of this was happening during Supers exploration stage of career development. I was trying to understand what I wanted to do as far as a career.I was part of the union for year which I did not like very much, I was part of management for about four years during this period and really enjoyed the challenges of the job but still had a hard time with the room of management and people telling me what to do all the time, looking over my shoulder all the time, and just the overall The beatens will Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory 4 continue until morale improves management entitle. UPS use to have something called MBOs which was management by objectives but the joke was that it was really MBI, management by intimidation.As I moved toward the end of my exploration stage I realized I had to make a career decis ion/change. Although I very much enjoyed the high pressing atmosphere and the thrill of success I knew that I didnt do well to that sort of management look as it was very run out for me and started having a negative effect. As I moved into the establishment microscope stage of Supers theory I made a gauzy move and agreed to start college as per Marys request. Once I finished my second semester UPS granted my approval to move from the trading operations to sales which was huge for me and where I excelled.For the first time I started thinking of UPS Sales as a career and not just a job. I also got married, bought a house, and had a child in the first few years of this stage. As my career in sales got going it create a lot of stability in my live, somehow in operations you never had the feeling of security do to the management style but now I did. Career and personal lives are very much integrated together, the feeling of a career and not just a job somehow settles you down and you start looking at live in a different perspective. Although I owe a lot to UPS and people like Mary I made the decision to leave UPS and to join FedEx.That was the hardest but most important career decision I have ever made. With UPS I had 10 years in, I was doing well, had security, things were going well. I Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory 5 I also had a lot of responsibilities including a mortgage and family. make career changes not only affected me but all affected my family and it was scary leaving something you knew was there for something unknown. But it all worked out very well, FedEx is a much younger company, a sales driven company, which fits my style better.I have not entered the maintenance stage yet and wont for another 5 years but if I had to disagree with any of Supers five stages this would be one that I would disagree with somewhat. If your goal is to just retentiveness onto an achieved job I think you are going to fail in todays homo. The world is very different today and if you are past 45 in corporate America sitting still and just holding onto a job that means you are going backwards. Maybe when you hit 60 I could understand that thinking but not in your mid-40s or 50s.Corporations are very aggressive these days and wouldnt allow someone to just to hold onto an achieved job. Maybe this is where a littler company would think or act differently then a large corporation who has to answer to shareholders each quarter. There are many different roads people travel, for the last twenty years mine has been in corporate America working for Fortune 500 companies, I expect that I would continue down this road hopefully with FedEx. For me personally, I would belief that I will not settle into a holding pattern once I enter my mid-forties.I still feel very young in my career and am still accomplishment new things everyday and I think that will continue for some time to come. With my position there are always larger corporati ons to denounce to or manage Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory 6 and as I continue to move my career forward I will work with larger and more complex corporations which will economize me moving forward and not settling. Understanding and Applying Adult Development Theory 7 References Bjorklund, B. , & Bee, H. (2008). The Journey of Adulthood, Sixth Edition. Upper Saddle River, NJ Pearson learner Hall

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Atm Skimming

- ATM glide An Ethical Look April 16, 2013 In the instauration we live in at once our currency is foreshadows. Our money is just subject backed by the promise of the United States g all overn handst to back it up with hard currency, i. e. gold. Due to our drop of hard currency in everyday life there argon many different ways to be present for things. These include checks, credit cards, paper currency, and avow cards. One thing that has not changed about money is that, resembling every other thing valuable, pack will try to divert it no matter its form.One of the nigh damaging types of thefts now is that of ATM (Automated vote counter Machine) Skimming. Most mountain keep the bulk of their capital in banks. They exercising ATMs to access that money. Thieves chip in a way to conspicuously steal the teaching unique to their rates so they nominate access others money. This is devastating to spate and it is this disoblige on which I write. On February 12, 2013 an articl e was written. It was entitled How alleged crooks employ ATM skimmers to via media thousands of accounts. Federal Authorities have charged ii men with running an operating theatre to cod control of over 6,000 bank accounts.The banks targeted included Capital One, J. P. Morgan Chase, among others. These criminals bought card readers and installed them on top of ATMs and doors to ATMs. They overly make hidden pinhole cameras to watch people put in their pins. These people supposedly led a group of 9 or more people who put these devices all over cities. These cities included Manhattan, Chicago, and Milwaukee. The people would then workout the information to make fake cards, which would be handlingd for false purchases and withdrawals. This operation had stash locations to manage the information.One such facility had hundreds of hours of footage showing PINs being input. to a greater extent than 1,000 blank cards were similarly found here. Due to the gravity of the crimes these men face around 40 years in jail. Prosecutors be also moving to seize $3 million from the men. The article goes on to translate that ATM skimming has been going on for a decade and thieves are constantly improving their methods. The article suggests that the ATM skimming has been around for over ten years. That surprised me because I had only heard of this recently. Just equal all technology, the technology that thieves use to perfect this form of theft also improves with time.The article also indicates that even though law enforcement and the general exoteric are more aware, that this type of theft will not go away any time soon. The bible says that people perish for insufficiency of knowledge. I confide news shows like Dateline NBC and 60 transactions should create stories around this issue. These shows have a large number of viewing audience and are shown during primetime. Their reporters are well respected and the information they provide is genuine and the reporters a re credible. People also should become more aware of their surroundings. in that location are some precautions a person may keep in mind when exploitation the ATM machine.One precaution is use the machine in daylight or well lit areas. Well lit areas can ensure that one is able to check the machine for any abnormalities or devices that may appear foreign in nature. Another precaution is to use a walk up versus a drive through machine. driver through machines may be more awkward to maneuver from a car window and thus not as easy to suss out for abnormalities. A final suggestion is to use the ATM attached to a bank with which you are familiar. Convenience stores, dry cleaners, and even gas displace now have ATM machines as incentive to pay with interchange for an advertised discount.Many of these machines are sponsored by companies that are not familiar to most consumers. I do not trust this kind of ATM and believe them to be the most susceptible to this kind of theft. What bet ter way to belie the ATM machine than to build one and then entice people to use your machine? Banks also have a huge function to inform its customers of the risk factors associated with using an ATM machine. When a person opens an account there should be a brief overview of this threat and even a pamphlet that outlines warning signs and indicators that the ATM may be compromise. Stealing silver from a bank is a federal offense.Though sheepish by imprisonment, I would like to see legislation that toughens the sentencing signposts around this issue. Preying on innocent people who are trying to access their own money is should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law. It should not be treated as a discolour collar crime where the criminal, after being found guilty, spends a some years in a federal country club. They should be made to serve time with other harden criminals and ordered to pay restitution to their victims. The bottom line is we live in a world where some pe ople will always try to create a way to steal from others.These are the people who would rather jam payoff of someone versus making an honest living at a worthy endeavor. Knowing this we must always keep our eyes open and our minds alert, peculiarly when using an ATM machine. Technological advances will make this difficult for the pundit and doing business with a bank that provides for return of your funds if stolen is a plus. However, the intent of violation when someone takes what rightfully belongs to you and the inconvenience of filing the report and time lag the return of your money are even more recent to baffle informed on this issue and be very cautious when using an ATM machine.The act of ATM skimming breaks almost every guideline in the ACM jurisprudence of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Article 1. 1 of the ACM Code of Ethics States that we should Contribute to purchase order and human well-being The acts that I have described were the opposite of this ideal. T hese thieves selfishly used their knowledge of technology to take advantage of a administration and profit from it at the expense of society and human well-being. Other articles that these criminals violated were Article 1. 7 Respect the concealing of others and Article 1. Honor confidentiality. They violated others privacy in order to gain from their information. The very core of the ideas from the ACM Code of Conduct stems from the belief that we as technical foul minded people should help and not hurt others with our knowledge. The advantage that we have been given is to be used for the benefit of, and not the detriment of others. I feel as though these individuals should be given a handsome trial under the laws of the United States Court system. If they are found guilty they should be punished to the full extent of the law.They stole from people using knowledge that would have been better served toward helping others than hurting others. They took advantage of the system in a way that was unethical and hurtful. They should repent to society. Bibliography Council, ACM. ACM Code of Ethics. 16 10 1992. Web Site. 16 April 2013. Goodin, Dan. How alleged crooks used ATM skimmers to compromise thousands of accounts. Ars Technica (2013). Internet. Hampton University. Student Technology Guide. n. d. PDF File. 16 April 2013.

Ken Research Essay

India atomic practice of medicine resourcefulness grocery India thermonuclear euphony Imaging grocery store size of it by Revenue, 2008-2012 commercialiseplace contribution of study Players in Indian Nuclear treat Equipment market place, India Nuclear Medicine Imaging Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2013- 2. 5. 1. 2. 5. 2. 2012 2. 5. 3. 2017 3. India aesculapian Imaging Market Trends and Developments Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Shift Towards Digital roentgenogram Increasing low-cost Medical Imaging Equipments 4. 5. India Diagnostic Imaging function Competitive Landscape, 2012 result Drivers senescent Population Increasing Chronic Diseases Easy Finance approachability Increasing Health wasting disease . Restraints Large Capital Inflows Depreciating lever of Currency 7. India Medical Imaging Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2013-2017 7. 1. casing and Effect Relationship between Dependent and Independent Variables in the India Medical Imaging Market 8. India Medical Imaging Market Macroeconomic Indicators, 2008-2017 8. 1. 8. 2. India do Population, 2008-2017 India Ageing Population, 2008-2017 3 This is a licensed harvest-festival of Ken look into and should non be copied 8. 3. 8. 4. 8. 5. 9.India health cargon Expenditure, 2008-2017 India Health Insurance Premium, 2008-2017 India Personal disposable Income, 2008-2017 attach to Profiles of the Major Players in Indian Medical Imaging Market 9. 1. GE Healthcare Comp some(prenominal) Overview disdain Strategies Financial consummation 9. 2. Phillips Healthcare Company Overview Business Strategies Financial Performance 9. 3. Siemens Healthcare Company Overview Business Strategies Financial Performance 9. 4. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation Company Overview Business Strategies Financial Performance 9. 5.Shimadzu Corporation Company Overview Business Strategies Financial Performance 9. 6. Mindray Medical International Ltd Company Overview Business Strategies Financia l Performance 10. addition 4 This is a licensed product of Ken inquiry and should non be copied 10. 1. 10. 2. 10. 3. Market Definitions Abbreviations question Methodology Data Collection Methods burn up Variables (Dependent and Independent) Multi Factor Based Sensitivity Model Final Conclusion 10. 4. disclaimer 5 This is a licensed product of Ken look into and should non be copied tilt OF FIGURES see to it 1 Indias Medical Imaging Equipment Market on the basis of national gross sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 formula 2 Indias Medical Imaging Market Segmentation by Equipment Type on the Basis of Revenue, 2008-2012 Figure 3 India roentgen ray Market size of it on the Basis of Domestic gross revenue Revenue in USD Million, 2008-2012 Figure 4 Market Share of Major Players in the India X-Ray Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Figure 5 India X-Ray Market Size on the Basis of Domestic gross sales in USD Million, 2013-2017 Figure 6 India magnetic resonance imaging Market Size on the Basis of Domestic sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 Figure 7 Market Share of Major Players in the India magnetic resonance imaging Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Figure 8 India magnetic resonance imaging Future Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 20132017 Figure 9 India CT Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 Figure 10 India CT Equipment Market judge withdrawal by Equipment Type, 2011 Figure 11 Market Share of Major Players in the India CT Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Figure 12 India CT Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2013-2017 Figure 13 India echography Market on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 Figure 14 Market Share of Major Players in the India Ultrasound Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Figure 15 India Ultrasound Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 20132017 Figure 16 India Nuclear Medicine Imaging Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 Figure 17 Market Share of Major Players in the India Ultrasound Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Figure 18 India Nuclear Medicine Imaging Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2013-2017 6 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied Figure 19 India Medical Imaging Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2013-2017 Figure 20 India Total Population in Million, 2008-2017 Figure 21 India Ageing Population Size in Million, 2008-2017 Figure 22 India Healthcare Expenditure in USD Million, 2008-2017 Figure 23 India Health Insurance Premium in USD Million, 2008-2017 Figure 24 India Personal Disposable Income in USD Million, 2008-2017 7 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied LIST OF TABLES submit 1 India X-ray Equipment Market by lever in INR Crores, 2011 accede 2 India X-ray Equipment Market by Sales in Units, 2011 shelve 3 India X-ray Equipment Imports in USD Million, 2008-2012 bow 4 India X-ray Equipment Exports in USD Million, 2008-2012 circuit board 5 India MRI Equipment Market by Value in INR Crores, 2011 Table 6 India MRI Equipment Market by hoi polloi in Units, 2011 Table 7 India MRI Equipment Imports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Table 8 India CT Equipment Imports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Table 9 India CT Equipment Exports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Table 10 India Ultrasound Market by Value in INR Crores, 2011 Table 11 India Ultrasound Market by Volume in Units, 2011 Table 12 India Ultrasound Equipment Imports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Table 13 India Ultrasound Equipment Exports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Table 14 India Nuclear Medicine Market by Value in INR Crores, 2010 and 2011 Table 15 India Nuclear Medicine Market by Sales in Units, 2010 and 2011 Table 16 India Diagnostic Imaging Services Competitive Landscape, 2012 Table 17 Cause and Effect Relationship psycho compendium between Industry Factors and Expected Medical Imaging Industry Prospects T able 18 Correlation Matrix for India Medical Imaging Market Table 19 Regression Co economicals Output 8 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied INDIA MEDICAL IMAGING foodstuff INDIA MEDICAL IMAGING grocery store INTRODUCTION AND MARKET SIZE, 2008-2012 .. medical imaging market grew at a CAGR of % from USD cardinal in 2008 to USD million in 2012.This mountth was primarily due to the increasing establishments of health care units including hospitals and diagnostic centers. A lot of venture capital firms are actively participating in the growth scenario by providing the optimal financial support .. Figure Indias Medical Imaging Equipment Market on the basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 600. 0 500. 0 400. 0 300. 0 200. 0 100. 0 0. 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 329. 5 INDIA MRI MARKET SIZE BY REVENUE, 2008-2012 Indias MRI market is the largest medical imaging equipment market in the country. The market has showcased healthy growth during th e last four years and has grown at a CAGR of slightly % from USD 89. 3 million in 2008 to USD million in 2012.MRI is important equipment which is used for detection of internal bleeding and protrusion in soft tissues of the human body such as brain, flavor and others. The equipment also provides 9 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied Figure India MRI Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2008-2012 140. 0 120. 0 100. 0 USD Million 80. 0 60. 0 40. 0 20. 0 0. 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012E 89. 3 Table 1 India MRI Equipment Market by Volume in Units, 2011 Type of MRI Equipment 3 Tesla 1. 5 Tesla, Economy 1. 5 Tesla MRI (Mid and High end) 0. 2 to 0. 5 Tesla Refurbished Total MRI Equipment Market by Sales in Units, 2011 INDIA COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY MARKET COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPEMARKET SHARE OF MAJOR PLAYERS IN INDIAN CT EQUIPMENT MARKET 10 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied Siemens healthcare is a market leader in the CT medical imaging equipment market with % during 2012. The major reason behind is efficient and price competitive products coupled with adequate networking and marketing executives to support the sales. Its SOMATOM is the clear up selling product in the market. Following the second largest player is Phillips healthcare with % market share with its. Figure Market Share of Major Players in the India CT Medical Equipment Market, 2012 Siemens Philips GE Healthcare Others INDIA ULTRASOUND IMPORTS AND EXPORTSIMPORTS Indias import market for the ultrasound equipment have been on the rise from the early(prenominal) few years and witnessed a CAGR of around % during 2008-2012 where it grew from USD million in 2008 to USD million in 2012. The consistent growth in the demand for ultrasound equipments in India during 2008-2012 has primarily been responsible for . Table India Ultrasound Equipment Imports in USD Million, 2008-2012 course of study Imports (USD million) 2008 2009 72. 1 2010 2011 2012E 11 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied EXPORTS Indias Ultrasound exports has grown at a CAGR of around % during 2008-2012 from USD 19. million in 2008 to USD million in 2012. The major players such as GE, Siemens and others have been the major exporters Table India Ultrasound Equipment Exports in USD Million, 2008-2012 Year Exports (USD million) 2008 19. 2 2009 2010 2011 2012E INDIA NUCLEAR MEDICINE IMAGING MARKET FUTURE mental capacity AND PROJECTIONS, 2013-2017 The nuclear medicine imaging equipment market of India is pass judgment to continue to grow strongly with a double digit year-on-year growth until 2017. The market is expected to reach to USD million in 2017 from USD million in 2012 at a CAGR of % during 2012-2017. Moreover, in 2013 the market is estimated to grow by Figure India Nuclear Medicine Imaging Market Size on the Basis of Domestic Sales in USD Million, 2013-2017 160. 0 140. 0 120. 0 USD Million 100. 0 8 0. 0 60. 0 40. 0 20. 0 0. 0 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 142. 0 12 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied disclaimer The enquiry reports provided by Ken Research are for the personal breeding of the authorized recipient and is not for public distribution and should not be reproduced or redistributed without prior permission. You are permitted to print or transfer extracts from this material for your personal use only. None of this material whitethorn be used for any commercial or public use.The tuition provided in the research documents is from publicly available data and other sources, which are reliable. Efforts are made to try and ensure accuracy of data. With respect to documents available, neither the familiarity nor any of its employees makes any warranty, express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a fussy purpose, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use bequeath not infringe privately owned rights. The report also includes analysis and views expressed by our research team.The research reports are purely for information purposes. The opinions expressed are our current opinions as of the date appearing in the material and may be subject to change from age to time without notice. Investors should not solely rely on the information contained in the research documents and must make investment decisions based on their own investment objectives, risk profile and financial position. The recipients of this material should take their own captain advice before acting on this information. Ken Research will not accept returns of reports once dispatched due to the confidentiality of information provided in our reports.In case, a report qualify for return, we will issue a credit, minus rapture charges, of equal value to the original buy price, toward a future purchase no refunds. The decision about whether the product return can be accepted or not is solely at our discretion. Any dispute will be subject to laws of India and exclusive jurisdiction of Indian Courts. No part of this manual or any material appearing may be reproduced, stored in or transmitted on any other Web site without written permission of Ken Research and any payments of a specified fee. Requests to republish any material may be sent to us. 13 This is a licensed product of Ken Research and should not be copied

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Characteristics of the Market Essay

a. National marketProcessing the small military strength forages with a broad harvest-festival line and sales of $300 gazillion per year which a food brokers cook up the company to the retail food chains by the network. This company more focused on heathen food specialties which including salad dressings, sauces for Italian pasta and condiments such as specialties pickles.b. two plants produced productOne in the Central Valley of California at Fresno and the otherwise in Illinois south of Chicago which they buy the ingredients from other foods suppliers to avoid the rosiness seasonal characteristics encountered by food packers. The company production has take fundament in large quantities to maintain low production appeals and visualize consistent product quality.c. Generally order on small mensurationCompany has ordered from supplier amounting to five to six cases per order solo or about 150 to 200 pounds at a time.d. shortsighted languageHowever, customers have comm ented that the company have a poor delivery services because of umpteen of ingredients be shipped over long distances and it has depending on the season.e. Two major department managementThis is include the Marketing and Sales and likewise has Production department and several(prenominal) staff units for personnel, purchasing and finance. Both of departments are responsible for marketing the product lines such promotion, product inventory at the public warehouses, providing sales support and similarly merchandising. There is also a national sales manager who responsibility for maintaining contact with food brokers, organise public warehouses and arrange for delivery1) Case Summary (Whats the distinguish?)Horizon Foods Corporation (hereafter Horizon) is a still-growing, nationwide foods organization that is widely known for its high quality products. With $300 million sales separately year, the firm has been relatively successful so far, gaining good reputation and arousing a lot interest of the public through its brokers and local retailers. However, as the company prospers and customers prerequisite more, Horizon foresees a coming crisis. The distribution issue, which the company has faced for a while, is now causing stock-outs, and increasing competition in the market is with child(p) the companys market share. Authorities involved fail to size up the issue and its cause, and they are eager to blame each other for the problems. The fraction of labor between two major departments Marketing and Sales, and Production seems to invite a fetch up rearrangement for a more efficient process.Horizon should also analyze its current brand positioning in the market and rework its strategies if needed. 2) Q1. What are the characteristics of the market served by the Horizon Foods Corporation? Horizon is a specialty foods processor. It has served a national market composed of food brokers who represent retail store chains. The food brokers make orders to Horizon. Generally, the orders are small. The production is through with(p) in two different plants thanks to the ingredients from some food suppliers.The plants are located in agricultural areas to reduce the cost of transportation. Moreover, Horizon produces in large quantities, and the food produced is very good in quality. The production is dispatched to several public warehouses. Then, these warehouses use contract carriers to deliver the products to the customers. Because of the small orders, the transportation cost to retail stores can be high. The market is very competitive since many of Horizons food competitors also offer a complete production line

Consequences of Tattoos

Acquiring tattoos without thinking of the consequences COM / 150 March 07, 2010 Michaela Roessner-Herman Tattoos The 21st blow status symbol. Individuals be crowding the tattoo shops to conk decompose of this tender wave crossing the country. This symbol admits them to the greatest show on e artworkh. They become donation of an elite group who has a sense of belonging and open to express their personalities without sets. Tattoos have been a part of history for hundred of eld and cultures adopted tattooing for different symbolic meaning.In the Brief History of Tattoos and Body liberal arts (2007), some cultures tattoos symbolized strength, bravery, and spirituality while other cultures tattoos symbolized a form of punishments, outcast, and slavery. In todays society, tattoos are simply body arts and a way of expression. Tattoos popularity is increase among teens and young adults. Peer pressure is a nonplus for umpteen young adults tattoos without thinking of the consequence s this decision will have on their future. For some, a tattoo is a way of fitting in, feeling a sense of belonging and do a fashion statement.Reality shows, newspaper ads, TV ads and the Internet are all big influences regarding tattoos. These media sources depict tattoos as chill out and creative status symbols. Athletes tattoos symbolize their strength, rappers their sense of accomplishment, Armed Forces for honor, actors, and actresses simply as body art. Other individuals tattoos represent personal meaning for a chouse one. Although tattoos bath be nice, they carry negative connotations. Gang members tattoos are part of an initiation and show what gang they are with and prison inmates tattoos display social rank to a certain groups as well as a part of a coding system.Even with the pain a person go finished for a tattoo, he or she seldom think about the risks. Considered as cosmetics, the one thing tattoos have in common are wellness risks. Think before you Ink Are Tattoo s Safe? (2009), explains tattoo inks are not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and many reports of poisonous reactions has started an investigation into tattoos safety. In Tattoos Understanding risks and precautions (2010), when acquiring a tattoo a tattoo artist uses a tattoo gun to apply saturation ink under the skin with needles.This process breaks the skin get outing bacteria to infiltrate developing skin infections. Skin infections cause increasing redness, pain, swelling, and rashes. Tattoos are performed with needles increasing the development of other health risks such as Hepatitis, tuberculosis (TB), human immunodeficiency virus and AIDS. A person who suffers from allergies can have an allergic reaction to the twist ink (especially red dye that is non-hypoallergenic) that cause swelling, itching, hives, and with sever allergies, anaphylactic ball over a fatal systemic reaction. Health risks are not fantastic with tattoos.Many people frequent tattoo shops and have to depend on the shops employees to disinfect their equipments in effective and safe way. With of the popularity of tattoos, incarnate America is beginning to infer more tattoos in the workplace. Young adults with entry-level desire to work in unified America faces judgment especially if the corporation fears employees tattoos will hurt their schoolmaster carriage. In some corporations with older executives, strict policies regarding visible tattoos are indite in the companys policy and enforced.Individuals with tattoos working in corporate America believes they are protected by the First Amendment rights to freedom of expression. This is not the case in the workplace. The article titled Body art in the workplace, confirms that companies have a constitutional right to ban employees with tattoos. Companies can limit employees personal expression on the job as long as they do not impinge on their civil liberties. According to the fitted Employment Opportunity C ommission (EEOC), employers re allowed to impose dress codes and appearance policies as long as they do not discriminate or hinder a persons race, color, religion, age, national origin, or gender. KnowledgeHR International (2010). Body art in the workplace. Retrieved February 2010. People entering corporate America believe they can cover up their tattoos. This is true depending on the size of it of the tattoo and how many he or she has. All too often people allow their emotions to dictate the numbers and size of their tattoos.Unfortunately, this choice connects them to the negative association that was once attached to bikers, gang members, and prison inmates. This bias assessment is a bulwark to career advancement. Promotions overlooked because visible tattoos are unprofessional looking and during interviews denied craft. This suit of prejudice has led many people regretting their tattoos. Individuals who regret their tattoo is create the dermatology industry to rocket. This decision, in some cases, has become a barrier for employment and for others the symbol that once had meaning no longer exist.One of the most unfortunate tattoo people insist on receiving is the name of a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. (Hudson, 2009). Tattoos are meant to be forever and there are times when relationships or marriages are over and the constant reminder of his or hers name inked in the skin presents an expensive problem. Depending on the size and the location of a tattoo, the remotion can be costly and painful. Hudson (2010) states several options for tattoo removal to embroil Laser, Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL), and do- it-yourself creams.The laser removal is the most common for tattoos removal. Considering the size of the tattoo and the ink colors, removal can take from one to 10 sessions with no guarantee of scarring each session costing in the kitchen stove of $250 $850. Despite the expense and pain, people are willing to go through any lengths to have this process performed. Individuals have choices. With choices come consequences. Consequences can be in the form of a positive or negative outcome. When making a permanent choice, think about not only the signification consider the future.

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Book vs Movie Essay

There argon dissimilar ways to get a recital from different sources in modern times. Books retain been good sources for stories, but movies be getting more popular and have the same theme with the appropriates. why people still haveing books and others argon prefer reflection the movies? development books and ceremony movies have a peck in common, but thither be somewhat differences that reads the indorsers remain faithful to development books. Reading books and watching movies are similar because they are telling the same score. They give the reader or the audience the same happenings after training or watching about the story. The reader shadower feel sad of the story in a book while the audience throw out also feel the same after watching about the story in the movie. The oecumenical ideas, which are themes and main characters of the story, are the same. For example, Romeo and Juliet is romantic no matter it is read from a book or watched from a movie. A boo k and a movie both have a beginning, rising actions, and a resolution.The story are formed in the same structure regardless to it is a book or a movie. Even though there are similarities reading books and watching movies give details through different ways. By reading the books, the reader has to open his mind for imaginations. Books only show words, and the images of the story are imagined in the brain. On the other hand, movies give a crabby picture of the story to the audiences, and the audiences get details through opthalmic and hearing. The audiences can only get what is shown in the movies but cant find outside the box for more creative thinking. The readers can have different feedbacks to the story, but the audiences can only agree with the movies therefore, reading books and watching movies make the readers or audiences response differently. Watching movies can save a lot of time, but reading books could take a long time depending on the speed of reading. For those who ca nt read fast, they would prefer watching movies.A movie allow for take about two hours, but reading a book could take more than two weeks for some readers. plenty think reading books and watching movies are the same, so they will guide to watch the movie for their times sake. Watching the movie can give them a better picture about the story because it is visual and is within a shorter period of time therefore, the audience can take to be the story easier. Besides, movies keep on renewing every week, but a new book needs to be written and published which will take a long time. Thats why people who interchangeable new and fresh things will prefer watching movies. Although watchingmovies seems to be more convenient, but people are still reading books. The causality is that books give more details to the readers and usually reveal more characters that are not shown in the movies. Movie producers need to cut away some details because they need to squeeze everything into one to two hours.Books can tie the reader to continue reading and give some suspense so that the reader will be hooked or tempted to finish the book to find out the truth. Reading books can improve the readers writing and reading skills, but watching movies brings nothing else but entertainment. originally movies were invented, most of the people read books to entertain and improve themselves. Since movies came out, people are attracted by the beautiful and colorful graphics in the movies but have forgotten the books which are full of details and meanings. People are likewise obsessed to the shortcuts and mirths from the movies, but maybe they should just cunt a book, sit down, and read a good book. In my effect I rather have the time to sit and enjoy reading a great book full of entertainment. In most cases people would watch the movie which tells the story in a short measuring of time which is more convenient for them. Either theyre lazy or careless about reading the whole book full of gambling and detail. That how I enjoy the full version of the story in which I take my time to enjoy.

Live until you die discussion

Live until you die is a broad phrase that erect be interpreted differently depending on the individual who ponders upon on it. To me, reinforcement until angiotensin converting enzyme dies is simply having a quality of life, congruent to the individuals terms and exposition of it. Many people be trapped living in the past, or even in the future, instead of relishing on the present of today, and the now. In our society, a person who prep ars for the future usually grows to be successful, but few of us get caught up within that mentality, and forget to enjoy the moment.No one has time bought, and no one usually knows when one is going to die. Unfortunately, most people start Living once they know they have got their eld on a countdown, but dont we all? Believe one starts demise the very moment one is born. We are all aware that we are eventually going to die, but reality doesnt usually settle in until one is living with a terminal illness.Living until one dies is enjoying ever y second gear Of our lives in the most idealistic possible way, and this should not only adjoin to terminally al patients, but to anybody who is alive. Everybody should live as though they are dying, and as palliative care nurses, we can advocate for our patient and succor them live until they die. Matzo, M. & Sherman, D. W. (2015) Palliative Care Nursing Quality Care to the terminal of Life. (4th deed. ) New York, NYSpringer.Response Non-pharmacology interventions such as guided imagery or heartsease exercises have various benefits such as Increasing the individuals sense of intro, decrease the feeling of weakness, improving the activity level and functional capacity, reducing sample and anxiety, reducing pain behavior and pain focus, reducing analgesic dosage without escalation of pain and thus reducing side effects of the treatment (Matzo,. 475). I agree, before we as nurses conclude or do anything we must first assess the patient. What does this patient know about these alternative procedures?

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Implementing Strategies: Managing Technology Essay

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a new even up that is guiding organizations in setting goals and objectives, incorporating strategies and products, and making sure that assembly line go ar being furnished. PPM allows keep companys to select, prioritize, optimize, and entertain all the strays in the organization ground on many different parameters. PPM has been utilize in many IT sound projection settings, but has recently been uptaked by organizations to bring off any portfolio of projects.In post to for PPM to be an effective tool, organizations need to place what issues need to be see to ited when selecting projects to implement strategy and what parameters need to be apply to control the actual projects. The main issue that an organization needs to consider when selecting projects is alignment with long-term company goals. Often, projects are prioritized by internal policy-making motivation which contribute quickly misalign what needs to be make compared to the company long-term goals.It is not to say that that the needs of certain(a) task units should be ignored, but PPM allows a company to . . . prioritize its resources for the good of the business . . . (Paul, 2006). Other issues that need to be considered in selecting projects are categorizing projects into those that run the business, those that receive the business, and those that may transform the business (Paul, 2006). Categorizing projects lets senior management change the project mix if revenue growth is a top priority or if a change in the business model is imminent.Having project flexibleness is essential when implementing strategy within an organization. Senior managers can also use the categorizing of projects to conciliate the incoming demands from the business units and determine the capacity of the organization to deliver real value back to the business units or customers. PPM is also come to with not just the actual project completion, but monitoring the proj ect once it is complete for long-term effectiveness and success.The follow-up reard by PPM go away help senior management and future project gallopers determine best practices and focuses for the future and long-term strategies. PPM is able to define project parameters to control projects by long-term monitoring of completed projects. Parameters that need to be outlined within each project are cost, resource availability, resource tryst and workload, time to market, cost reduction value, revenue generation, scope, and time-line to complete.The parameters need to be bring in in real-time for effective project management and portfolio management. PPM is able to . . . provide continuous checks and evaluations of a project throughout its lifecycle. . . (Gharehmani, 2006). This allows PPM to assess projects or products based on real-time information and not outdated spreadsheets. The individual parameters can also be selected based on the particular need of the company with a certa in project.For example, if a company is looking for a certain time to market versus the time-line to complete, PPM can use real-time information from precedent projects to easily and accurately predict if the product provide be released in the time frame desired. Categorizing projects can also be used as an effective means of controlling projects. For example, senior management may put across that only projects that align with growing the business and revenue generation are to be worked on for a particular period of time depending on the business need in the specified time.PPM is a growing light that is being increasingly used to manage any portfolio of projects. In order for PPM to be effective, organizations need to define what issues need to be controlled to implement a particular strategy. Organizations also need to define the parameters that are to be used to control the projects. Without defining the issues and parameters related to project or portfolio management, the com pany will not be effective in managing what projects will ultimately lead to long-term success for the entire organization.


Luxury product gross revenue boost in the appear merchandising like china, which has extraordinary growth and strong po decennarytial consumers for the developing of high life goods in the china commercialise. With gradu alto progress tohery move and lower make up of revenue in the European countries, Louis Vuitton (abridged as LV in the following(a) sections) commits itself to practise up much than stores in mainland chinaw ar. However, LV is faced with the problems of declining pelf in china, which urges it to dress its entree st dictategy into the mainland china market place. In this slick, this tale for gear up centralize on distinguishing the factors that influence LVs instruction in china and laying out schemes for LVs creation into mainland mainland chinaware market by initially examining the cozy and inter topic environment for LV analyzing the operational plan for LVs penetration into China ground on the environment psychometric test, and ge nerating an effect plan for LVs entry dodge at the polish off of the report.IntroductionLouis Vuitton (abridged as LV in the following sections) is planning to set up more stores in the China market. However, it is now faced with the problems of declining profits in China, which urges it to adjust its entry system into the China market. In this case, this report is to lay out schemes for LVs entry into the China market by distinguishing the internal and outside factors that influence LVs development from the perspectives of democracy factors and internal advantages of LV with reference to the SWOT analysis model analyzing the operational plan for LVs entry into China based on the environment examination and including suggests on firm outline, agreement grammatical construction and forethought, entry strategy and modes, manufacturing worry, market plan, and grudgeing as hearty as finance management and generating an action plan for LVs entry strategy at the end of the re port agree to the specifications of the teleph ane line operational plan.Research MethodsThe research system of literature searches is adopted to generate this report. This method is chosen because there atomic number 18 bargain of existing studieson the development of opulence goods, which makes it possible for overabundant literature searches. Also, there atomic number 18 a heavy(p) many resources on the annual reports of Louis Vuitton available which offer insights into the fiscal performance of this corporation. Anyway, sumptuousness goods ar indeed possessed by the majority of people, which makes institutionalise interviews or surveys less(prenominal) available.External and Internal EnvironmentThe internal and external factors that influence LVs development will be examined in this section from the perspectives of country factors and internal advantages of LV. A SWOT analysis will be pertain in this section, which aims to find out the strength, weakness, opportunit y and threat of the company tally to analysis on the internal conditions of the company and the external environment the company is faced with (Johnson & Scholes, 2002, p122). External environment Country factor analysisThe external environment for LVs entry into China will be discussed in call of the politics and government policy of China, the economy and the China market, the social culture and transportation of China, and will be concluded from the perspectives of opportunities and threats for LVs entry into China. In terms of politics and government policy, China is now actively opening up to the cosmea and enhancing trade relationships with world strike outs since the reform and opening up policy. In terms of the economy and the China market, according to Yuval and Vinay and Cathy (2011), the analysts of Mckinsey quarterly, China has increase booming urban cities including the second- and third-tier cities and the world second- greatheartedst gross domestic product which m eans strong purchasing power the China consumers for luxury goods and expectant market potentials (para 8). They also pointed out that by 2015, Chinese consumers will account for more than 20 percent of the orbicular luxury market. On the early(a) hand, the large market potential has drawn a host of luxury-goods companies to draw in the China market, which makes the rivalry fiercer and fiercer. And it is troublesome for LV that there argon plenty of fake goods imitating LVs style prevailing in China, which ar actually not likely to reduce LVs risque-end consumers, only when would exert negative influences on consumers impression and awareness of LV.Iterms of social culture, for one thing, the China consumers are attracted by middle- and high-end products and somehow more attracted by French luxury goods, and they believe that the higher the terms, the emend the feel (Yuval, Vinay and Cathy, 2011, para7) (Exhibit 1). For another thing, the traditional virtue of thrift is r ooted in the mentality of the Chinese, with which some of the inscrutable in China indicate that they would not excrete a large sum of money to get a product. (Exhibit 1) In terms of transportation, airlines are increased like the Emirates group which launched air routines in the main cities of China, and railway transportation as well as alley transportation is more and more available, making it convenient and fast for cross-national transportation. indeed in conclusion, the opportunities for LVs entry into China bathroom be concluded as Chinas encouraging policies on inappropriate brands put oning into China Chinas booming urban cities and increasing middle- and upper- class consumers with strong purchasing power Chinese consumers purchasing pick for French high-end products and the more and more convenient cross-national transportation in China. eyepatch the threats for LVs entry into China entail the fierce competition from the peer companies and brands the trouble comi ng from increasing reveald counterfeit products imitating LV in China China consumers cautious traditional views on luxury goods purchasing. Anyway, when it comes to China consumers rational attitude towards luxury goods purchasing, it may be an opportunity for LV if it succeeds in drawing out their desires and ineluctably for LVs products, other than it may turn out to be a threat for LVs expansion in China. Internal environment based on national levelThe advantages of internal environment for LV on national level lie in the its takeence and prospect to greatly expatiate its business in China, its experiences of operating in China market for more or less twenty years, and its strong influence on and temptation to the China consumers, as well as guest loyalty for it. On the contrary, the disadvantages lie in its high price which will greatly influences China consumers will to procure the products, and in its could-be easily imitated appearance and style which is made used of by some China manufacturers in producing fake goods. Internal environment based on firm levelThe nature of LVs productsDubois and Czellar and Laurent (2001) delineated Luxury goods as products with extraordinary superior as well as high price, rareness and unequalledness, aesthetic appeal, respectful long history, and the sense of universe superior to others (p156). Yacine and Johnathan and Motohiro (2004) argued that luxury goods manual crafting and diligence should be involved into the manufacturing and designing of luxury goods (para 2). Based on these studies, the nature of LVs products crowd out be abstracted as unique, rare, and minute-quality, and extraordinary. Industry characteristics of luxury goodsKapferer (1996) suggested that luxury fabrication distinguishes the needs and demands of the blind drunk people like prominent social figures, and produce unique superior products for them, which acts like a status symbol for the rich (p251). While Heine (2010) stated that the luxury industry is also fashion-oriented and high-quality guaranteed. And it is closely associated with the needs of the wealthy. Judging from these studies and the advancement of luxury products nowadays, the industrial characteristics of luxury products can be concluded as extraordinary quality with high guarantee, extremely individualized with unique designed style, strong brand recognition and customer loyalty, and passing profitable sales based on its high price.Advantages and disadvantage of internal environment for LV on firm level The advantages of LV on firm level mainly lie in its good brand image, abundant product portfolio, wide expansion in the China markets masking flip roughly of the first- and second-tier cities, and its take care on the designs of products. This can be told from the following aspects. supra all, LV enjoys a good nature of high quality and excellent services that it has occupied the first place of the 2012 Hurun Ranking of the Top ten luxury brands in the world (see Appendix 1), in which LV overcome Hermes, the second in the list by nearly 43%. Also, LV offers manual crafting designed products which are special for sealed customers. Whats more, it offers long-lasting after-sale serves to its customers (Paul, 2012, p79).The disadvantages of LV mainly lie in its lower output rate and high price which leaves it less price elasticity. It possessed relatively lower yield rate, for it takes certain time and manual efforts to make a high-quality products (Jill & Glenn & Taro, 2009, p122). It sets high prices for its products based on the quality and mean firearm aims to distinguish market segmentation, which up to now makes the price too high from the perspectives of the majority of China consumers.Marketing potentialsIn recent years, the China government has made adjustments towards Foreign Direct Investment. It sour the extra bonus policy which had existed since the 1980s when China actively advance investment on foreign enterprises (Dan, 2009, para1). Anyway, the general tendency of attracting foreign companies to enter into China is still unabated. Therefore, government policies and regulations are still positive for LVs advancement in China, which indicates that China remains great market potential for LV if it adjusts itself to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages according to the environment.Based on the external and internal environment analysis, an operational plan to help LV enter and compete effectively in the China market will be generated in the following section, which includes consideration to firm strategy, organization mental synthesis and management, strategy and modes of LVs entry into China, manufacturing management, overall marketing plan, and account and Finance management of LV facing the entry. Corporation strategy helps run the approaching development of firms, including differentiation strategy and low cost strategy (Gerry & Keven & Richard, 2008, p245). The firm strategy suggested for LV to compete in the China market is to differentiate itself from other luxury companies and brands, and the strategy to lower its costs. by from the unwavering introduction of parvenu products or the quality control of products like most luxury companies may do, LV is say to give extra business organization to its customer services, delivering extraordinary experience to customers, like regular special consultancy for every customer to lead the their needs and help them realize personal determine relative with LVs values. As for methods to lower costs,it can be achieved through managing the operational cost of LV and through cost control in the grant twine of LV. For example, to integrate its resources and improve its supply chain by cooperation with fixed partners who passe-partoutly manage logistics in align to get a price discount, which may lower the costs of transportation and tho time for product updates.Organization Structure and Manage mentOrganizational structure management is for accomplishing certain goals effectively Gerry & Keven & Richard, 2008, p137). For LV as an international company, the organization form of departmentalization is rather appropriate. With human resources gathered and organizational structure form through departmentalization, the process of delegation is to be introduced. Delegation is to delegate certain authority and responsibility to the staff and achieve harmony and trustworthiness among leading and staff (Robbins & bloody shame & Nancy, 2005, p165). LV has a big number of stores in China, and it will be better if the headquarter delegates authority for the managers in the branches in China, who are then able to manage the stores more practically and efficiently.Based on the managing form of departmentalization and the method of delegation, the form of decentralization can be adopted. If the business of a company is in fast pace and tend to switch quickly, and is operated in diversi fied different areas, it should choose the form of decentralization (Robbins & Mary & Nancy, 2005, p165). As an international luxury company with operating areas in all geographic parts of China, LV values timeliness and adaptability towards the quickly ever-changing fashion world, which makes decentralization suitable for LVs development in China market.Entry strategy and modesThe entry modes for international companies entail strategic alliance, exporting, licensing or franchising, joint venture, a new wholly owned subsidiary, and acquiring established enterprises (David & Cynthia, 2004, p147). As for LV, a luxury brand which is positioned as high-end, unique and high-price, it would be better for it to establish its own stores in the targeted country (Giacalone, 2006, p33). Since LV has its own stores in China, it adopts the wholly owned subsidiary method of entry so as to holdits characteristic of unique and independent, and to pursue global standardization. Where to enter into is essential for LVs operation in China. LV has already set up stores in all the geographical areas of China (Exhibit 2), and most of its focus is the first-tier cities and less second-tier cities. For example, nearly 33% of LVs stores in China are rigid in Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan (Exhibit 2), while there are a great many second-tier cities where many wealthy people inhabit in mainland China.According to the table of index of Chinas cities for luxury product operation (Exhibit 3), second-tier cities like Shenyang, Dalian, Hangzhou, and Chengdu have great potentials for luxury product operation. Moreover, second-tier cities like Dalian, Hangzhou and Chengdu are among the most popular touristry cities in China, where tourists are more likely to purchase luxury products when they are in their pleasant holidays with planned shopping lists. Also, the undertake rate of second-tier cities is very much cheaper than first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai. As for LV, whose stores ofttimes cover a large amount of space, second-tier cities will save it considerable amounts of costs. Therefore, second-tier cities should be the primary choices of LVs operation in China market.Manufacturing managementManufacturing management is associated with production for global markets, outsourcing and logistics management (Philip & Gary, 2009, chap13). As for LV, its production is unique and enjoys good reputation among consumers for they are produced in France, labeled as high-quality and high-level. Therefore in this case, production activities of LV are supposed to be located in France. In terms of logistics, it will be better for LV to outsource the management of logistics to companies that are professional in this field, for LV has no experiences in logistics and it should focus on the production and sales of products instead.Marketing planMarketing scheme can be formulated with references to the following aspects Product attributes, Distribution methods, communion ap proaches, and determine strategy (Alan and Simon, 2012, p399). Apart from the four aspects listed above, marketing strategy is influenced primarily by marketsegmentation (David & John, 2012, p102). With regards to age, socio-cultural factors, economic development and the psychological factors, LV narrows its target market in China to the young and adult generations who are under the age of forty. Anyway, the primary focused consumers are adults. In this case, LV is supposed to give more care to the young, who are the right future potential customers for LV. Besides, the young of the rich families in China can often easily win parents compromise and fiscal support to purchase luxury products.Therefore, emphasis on unique products for the young is highly profitable in return and may also bring vigor to the growth of LV. In terms of product attributes, it is critical for the development of products, for it the product attributes satisfy the customers needs, the product will definitely boost sales (Alan and Simon, 2012, p399). LVs product attributes as products with extraordinary quality as well as high price, rareness and uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, respectful long history, and high-class awareness greatly meet customers needs for supreme experience and extraordinary taste. Therefore, it should focus on product designs that can differentiate its products from those of other brands to restrict its customer loyalty. As for distribution methods, LV should stick to its strategy of change its products directly to consumers through its stores, for it has independent stores and distribution system. Anyway, it is possible for LV to set up online stores under the circumstance of the China market. In terms of mesh shopping, which is now prevailing in China, and the electronic commerce of China is gradually become mature.Amazon and Chinas T-Mall online shopping has reached high overthrow in recent years (The Economist, 2011). In terms of China consumers, who prefer to shop online especially the young and the adult, with internet becoming more and more available for the Chinese people, China online market has high potential for LVs attempt at online stores. In terms of communication approaches, LV is involved more in direct selling, and advertising. In terms of direct selling through stores, it creates opportunities for deepening the communication between consumers and the staff of LV. In terms of advertising, LV focuses on delivering its value and product attributes to consumers and it choose its interpreter cautiously. Selecting spokesmen for LV is kinda a good choice for the development in China, especially for attracting the young. For example, the newly selected and the only spokesmanfor LV in China, Bingbing FAN is quite appropriate for the disposition of LV, unique, independent and elegant, which has become a big piece of news in China and has intensified the public focus on LV recently.Therefore, the right choice of spokeman will ben efit LV in the China market. Anyway, the country-of-origin effect takes effects on the Chinese people who profoundly believe in French luxury products (Glamheden, 2006, p35). In terms of price strategy, it will be better for LV to keep the same price in different countries, which means the amount of money consumers spend in a LV store in China is the same as that in France in value. This is because that some Chinese prefer to fly to France to get the LV products for its cheaper in France. In order to boost sales in China market, its better to apply the same pricing strategy.Accounting and finance managementAs for accounting management of LV in China, LV has to pay great attention to the pretension conditions of the China market, which has been rising in recent years both in nutriment and non-food prices (Jay and Azhar, 2011, para2). LV should adjust its pricing strategy and accounting management according to the inflation conditions of China, for if inflation goes high, assets wi ll be depreciated and the original price cannot do the real value of LVs products (Mankiw, 2011, p643). Mankiw states that inflation results to the value disparagement of money, which will benefit the export of the home country and make it minus for the import from foreign countries import to the home country. This explains the significance for LV to adjust its price according to the inflation conditions in China market. In order to create and maintain a competitive advantage, LVs financial management should be involved financial control and money management (Alan & Simon, 2012, p423).Now that LV has already decided to invest in the China market, financial decisions and the money management are to be focused on. In terms of financial decisions, according to Alan and Simons theory (2012) on financial backing decisions, LV may prefer local debt backing in the China market, where local currency has recently depreciated. In terms of money management, LV should try to reduce the tran saction costs, which is generated when a firm transfers cash from one currency to another (Alan & Simon, 2012, p433). Recommendations- action planWith the help of the discussion of the China market environment for LV, and the analysis and conclusion of the operational plan for LVs entry into China in the previous sections, recommendations for action plans for LV will be given as follows. As for formulating firm strategies, LV is supposed to take the differentiation strategy by distinguishing itself from other luxury companies by emphasis on high quality and exclusive customer services, and to adopt the cost reducing strategy by integrating resources of its supply chain and reducing transportation costs through the long-term cooperation with professional partners of logistics fields. As for organization structure and management, the organization form of departmentalization with a combine of functional forms, product, consumer service and geographic area is recommended. Next, the met hod of delegation can be introduced for LV so as to delegate authority for the managers in the China stores.Last but not least, it will be better for LV to implement the form of decentralization, which will improve the effectiveness and talent of LVs operation in China. As for entry strategy and modes, with wholly owned subsidiary, LV should cautiously select its targeted locations in China. Apart from the first-tier cities, second-tier cities where there is considerably strong purchasing power and lower renting costs would be appropriate for LV to set up new stores. As for manufacturing management, production activities of LV are supposed to be located in France, for effect of country-of-origin works on China consumers who believe that goods produced in France would be more reliable and high-end. In terms of logistics, LV is supposed to outsource its management of logistics to companies that are professional in this field. As for marketing plan, LV should continue to highlight its product attributes like high quality and exclusive design to consumers, to apply the communication approach of advertising exploitation the spokesman strategy, and to keep price nearly the same in different countries without dramatically change. As for accounting and finance management, LV should adjust its pricing strategy and accounting management according to the inflation conditions of China, and to focus on its financial decisions, and money management decisions. Specifically, LV may adopt local debt financing in the China market, and try to reduce the transaction costs.ReferencesAlan M. & Simon C. (2012). International business. capital of the United Kingdom Pearson.Dan H. (2009). Foreign direct investment in China-the times has changed. Retrieved from http// C. & Cynthia M. (2004). Corporate strategy. impudently York McGraw-Hill.David J. & John F. (2012). Foundations of marketing. 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