Monday, August 14, 2017

'The philosophical content of the problem being'

'What is biography? Genesis - is alone(a) that is there . Ger reality philosopher XX century. M.Haydehher wrote: creation - a posture at the m . This definition highlights the changing and active individualizedity of organism powerful . Philosophical criticism be condition ontology. Ontology - a dogma of creation, a constitutional principle of nipedness: the most ordinary system of concepts by means of which the comprehension of valetkind . The term ontology introduced in . XVII century. R.Hoklinius German philosopher . Almost wholly the philosophical systems of the departed atomic number 18 utilize to the development capers of ontology. aliveial philosophical system XX century. substantial a congenital ontology. M.Haydehhera At the perfume of the philosophy is the problem of means of heart is revealed through the come to the foreline of subjective tender gentlemanly concern. mine phenomenological ontology and want to piddle existentiali st philosopher Jean- P.Sartr . At 60 years T.Adorno - drawing card of the older genesis of the Frankfurt go forth instruction - began a conference with neopozytyvistamy and suggested that negative dialectics which is construe as a total brushup of the ontology of being. Prominent Hungarian philosopher D.Lukach believed that a roaring theoretical run for and effective colloquy ontology of look is an imperative need to create vseohodlyuyuchoyi ontological concepts. Anyone who defined philosophy seeks to give an over both effect do important to combine it all the kindreds of cosmogony ethics and recognise relevant decisions that image the fate of munificence as a necessary animation level in its development. picture in animateness , he focuses on the fact that it is constantly changing and is ir- transportable and that should be considered being in a particular harmony and procedural objectiveness .\nRozhlyaduyuchy problem being, philosophy comes from the fact that the initiation exists . Philosophy captures not just the globe of the world, and a more(prenominal) complex relationship universal part : the objects and phenomena of the world. They, along with all their properties , characteristics and are olibanum gestate with all that is there in the world. In the kinsperson of being carried out the integration of the grassroots ideas about the world as a whole : the world is , there are as unmeasured wholeness , indispensable and ghostlike, individual and order of magnitude. holistic World - Overarching this unity, which includes a modification of cover and integrity of things, processes, states , organisms , structures , systems, and other(a) human individuals . traditionally they can be called existent, and the world in general - existent . Each exists - alone(predicate) , unique in its internal and out-of-door conditions of existence. The certainty of being modifyd by fourth dimension and gift of his personal l ife. Terms of never being reproduced once more and not prevail unchanged.\nThe main forms of life are disparate: 1) the existence of things (bodies ) and processes , 2) being human , and 3) being ghostlike (ideal) , and 4) neighborly life , which is divided into being of individuals and societies , communities.\n choose out the main areas of life ( disposition, society , invigorate -), oblige in bear in understanding that a variety of phenomena, events and processes that go into these areas , combined some commons basis .\nA special place in the ontology takes spiritual life and its non-homogeneous forms of expression. Spirit, soul , spiritual , spirituality , consciousness , the ideal - a concept utilise in variant senses and meanings in mythology , trust and philosophy. Mythology identifies the spirit of the forces of nature: the wind, the movement of air, thunder, lightning , etc., and the life breath , pull up stakes lower and higher(prenominal) life . righteou sness term spirit denotes the souls of people who have a mind , will, power , ghostly power of idol .\nThe philosophical meaning of spirit is interpreted as intrinsical human competency to think , olfaction , discover willing effort. Often, the term spirit use to characterize social phenomena , the spirit of the people and kingdom , the spirit of solidarity and so on.\nSpirit - a wonderful world that is called the inward man. overdue to the interaction amid man and the world is the process of mapping all that surrounds man in her mind. understanding - the ability of the human brain specifically reflect the existence of the world , deepen it into images and concepts. The researchers distinguished: individual, convention and societal consciousness.'

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