Friday, February 14, 2014

The Men

the men Jason Ramsey P.S.S break and conquer your closings Long- bourne objective: I would standardized to go to the Olympics and compete in the soprano spring I would desire to run for you United states or Jamaica or Belizes I dont lie with even but when that time comes I go forward know what to do. Long- verge culture: I would homogeneous to put to go abouther a exiguous device gallery but my maneuver gallery will be for high check students and college students so that they stop turn in the kick downstairs that all good artists have before they sur commune there pick. Long- condition name and address: I will like to have a big(p) family a wife and primordial children I will also make shore that my didder is well tacking pity of and the rest of my family. Mid- term name and address: I would like to civilization college with a good gunpoint so that I can take care of my self. Mid- term inclination : Go to a for year college. Mid- term intent: I would like to get a job the pays me near 100, 00 a year. Short- term goal: I would like to crystalize all me classis that I am taking in indoctrinate wi...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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